Banana Braces

What is Banana Braces?

Banana Braces also known as “fake braces”. 
Fake braces can be used ONLY for person who had very nice straight teeth 
and most of the people wear it because of trendy look.

Braces have long been associated with being geeky, 
and with the current craze of going geek chic – it’s no wonder more 
and more youngsters are looking to get their teeth decked out with colorful braces 
as the ultimate face accessory.

Think about it, most schools do not allow face piercings besides earrings, 
leaving the only ‘legal’ frontier that of having a mouth full of metal.

Those who can afford real braces could easily convince wealthy parents that 
they need it to straighten out their teeth, but for the less fortunate there is now 
a cheaper and less painful option of using fake braces – which don’t actually fix 
your teeth, but used merely as a fashion accessory that hooks up at your 
molars and can be removed at any time.

With celebrities like Katy Perry glamorizing geekdom in her Last Friday Night video, 
it’s no wonder that there’s a sudden demand for braces in today’s 
rebellious culture of going against the mainstream (ironic, isn’t it).

Material of Banana Braces?

All items are special ordered from United Stated and this is 
the truth dental material for braces

Tooth Silk 
 UP measurement:
 12mm, 14mm,16mm,18mm, 20mm

LOW measurement:
12mm, 14mm,16mm,18mm, 20mm

use to being assemble with the metal brackets.
This is the pure tooth silk used by Orthodontic specialist for braces wear.
100% stainless

 Metal Brackets
100% stainless. Also known as “Buccal Tube

Elastrometric Ring

 Elastrometric ring are 100% made
From rubber. Use as the braces decoration
Available in many colours and designs

Banana braces should not be used for longer than three to five months, 
to prohibit bacteria build up

Banana Braces Package:

Good News:
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If you want a flower/mickey/hello kitty elastomeric ring designs, kindly leave your note at the complain/suggestion box.

How to wear?
The website link provided a tutorial on how to put these fake braces on:

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